How to Build a Payment App: Development Plan, Costs, Skills

It gained a following with a service that lets users spend abroad at the real exchange rate, with no fees attached. The idea attracted a lot of loyal customers, and the company has recently added a number of new features to the app, including cryptocurrency trading and business accounts. Another primary feature of a banking application is real-time transaction history. On a usual note, you should give your users the feasibility of viewing their transaction history for the period that they want, i.e custom date setting. Now that you have a clear idea of how to calculate the overall banking app development costs, let us move ahead and discuss the various factors that ultimately determine the price. Currently, mobile banking’s become easier with the development of cellular mobile applications.

mobile banking development and analysis project

Nothing too fancy like gamification, AR/VR technologies, AI-powered chatbots as they take time and money to develop. Only the basic functionality like payments, transactions, account management, push notifications, and a couple of unique features you may want to add. The more businesses learn about the user experience and their needs, the more precise and effective the design and feature set becomes. Let’s figure out what are the main aspects to focus on during mobile banking development. The main challenge here is that compliance regulations exclusively for fintech are still not drafted officially and evolving in multiple directions as an addition to guidelines for banks. Meanwhile, Revolut, a famous fintech startup with headquarters in London, stipulates in its vision the goal to remove any fees involved in foreign exchange transactions.

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The next must-have feature of a banking application would be the ability to make real-time payment and transfers. There should be a specific section for the transfer activities containing the ability to add beneficiaries, view account balance pre and post-transfer, etc. App maintenance, although the last, is one of the most important factors affecting your app development custom financial software service budget. After all, it’s important not just to deploy the app but also to keep it up and running constantly. App maintenance becomes all the more important for the mobile banking industry, considering the criticality of the user data and activities involved. The most challenging part is to get a team together, as the quality of work will influence the overall outcome.

mobile banking development and analysis project

Created by Surf, it provides digital finance services to the bank’s corporate clients. The application boasts a bright modern design and user-friendly interface that allows users to carry out banking operations in just a few taps. It has an adaptable home screen that can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences. The Document tab provides extensive filtering options to search documents according to date, amount, and type, as well as a tool to create new ones with templates in a few clicks.

Some banking applications only show in-app exchange rates, while others go further and make a fully-fledged in-app converter. For customers, such apps offer convenience, easy access to a bank account, security, and tons of useful features we’re going to review next. In this guide, we’re explaining the basics of banking app development, its pros and cons, and the main challenges you’re going to face. Now, all you have to do is pay attention to customer feedback, fix whatever pesky bugs make their way to the surface, and ensure the best user experience possible. Ideally, you would have full documentation on app features available and usable by your audience. Help articles, chatbot advice, you name it – it will help cut down costs on Support to have it beforehand.

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To remain competitive, banks must keep in sight emerging solutions and technologies. By embracing machine learning, cloudification, and blockchain, finance companies can reduce mobile banking app development cost and cut expenses on daily operations, risk management, and compliance. It is impossible not to emphasize the importance of the mobile-first approach, when customers can open a bank account remotely via their smartphone. Discover is a renowned product of mobile banking application development.

Goldman Sachs Group has had a long history in the context of the global economy and, therefore, has gained impressive experience over the years of its operations. The promoters of the Bank of America have not conceded on the matter of going e-business. This problem has a direct relation to the size and financial ability. Internal control is a vital process because it gives reasonable assurance about the activities of a company and compliance with laws and regulations. This work shows the communication plan for the change in staffing at HSBC Bank, identifies its key trends, assumptions, and risks, and gives a SWOTT analysis of the organization. On the surface, it may seem odd that Islamic banking is in such demand but when looked at from a cultural and religious perspective, it embodies the very essence of Islamic law.

But while the two tech-savvy generations determine the global course of financial systems, currently, only a few banks have the tech background required to cater to them. According to the EY, 50% of consumers go digital when applying for financial products. In fact, Statista reveals mobile payment transactions will reach the $189.97 billion mark by the end of the year. And, of course, it’s not surprising that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 55% of people are more likely to pay contactless. The top game-changers in the banking industry include Citibank, Wells Fargo, USAA, Ally Bank, and Capital One. PayPal is the most-used mobile payment app (73%), while Samsung Pay is the least used (6%).

The management should ensure that effective structures are in place to align the firm’s resource so that the aims and objectives are met. For the case of Mountain Bank, the profits have been declining as a result of the poor business strategic plan. This paper discusses various aspects of the Grameen banking system and focuses on how it has assisted communities, and evaluate its future success.

A Brief History of Mobile Banking

Bank-based payment apps rely on direct integration between the bank’s existing payment processing system and the payment processing networks. So, before starting mobile banking development, check what regulations are valid for your target country. If you’re making a mobile-only banking app like Revolut, it’s a good idea to hire a financial consultant who’ll explain all possible pitfalls.

  • On a usual note, you should give your users the feasibility of viewing their transaction history for the period that they want, i.e custom date setting.
  • The more granular and tangible the approach to delivery is, the less chance there is that you will be disappointed or tricked into paying for an endless project.
  • TypeScript is a programming language designed by Microsoft covering both client-side and server-side development.
  • Our team offers unparalleled expertise in developing and maintaining scalable databases and heavily loaded data warehousing solutions.
  • While developing the banking app, we used this approach, to make the final product more tolerant to any type of fault, as well as ensure high availability and scalability.

The broad-based mobile banking application development has become the new normal, urging financial institutions to go digital. Today’s customers demand a seamless experience 24/7 that regular banks can hardly deliver so far. Yes, we understand that bureaucracy concerns may slow down digitalization. Yet, to win the race in building a banking app, you should rethink an old routine and switch to the latest technologies.

When developing a banking app, the testing process should be aimed at ensuring flawless user experience and at the security of every component of the application. The tests in the process of mobile banking development should cover server-side security, used encryption solutions, and all operations available to users. During the global pandemic, while visits to physical bank offices were limited, mobile banking gained traction.

UI design

To bring your idea to life, first, you need to create a prototype illustrating the app’s logic, structure, and order of design elements, visuals, and content. What’s more, fixing a design flaw while prototyping is ten times cheaper than making changes during the development process. Undoubtedly, the features of mobile banking are the primary criteria for using or ditching an app, so make sure to use them wisely. For both informational and transaction purposes, voice-powered digital banking chatbots are the cherry on top to provide compelling, advanced, and conversational user experiences.

While a solution architect will align business aspects with tech implementation—app architecture, tools, programming languages. The success of a good banking app relies on advanced security, good app design, and the availability of bank services and products within. This step requires extra checks from you and the development team working on it.

It allowed the bank to increase the number of its app downloads tremendously. The markets in Asia and Africa have had a boost of 50% among the inhabitants who utilize banking applications. The McKinsey mentioned above study notes that even impoverished people in the Philippines showed a surprisingly high interest in mobile banking technology.

3. Web Development

You see all the works and changes, can leave custom requests, track spending, and communicate with the team. Users don’t have to go into branches to maintain account control; they can change their PINs or lock their cards through the application. Additionally, this product of mobile banking application development has cashback rewards at many renowned brands like Adidas, Walmart, Staples, and so on. The Australian Bank of Melbourne knows how to create a banking application with such a tool as they were the first who made it. Their mobile banking app developers implemented the ability to check balance, find ATMs, receive alerts, and pay for goods or services. It is reasonable to concentrate on mobile banking application development for budgeting.

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The present report aims at applying DuPont analysis to evaluate the performance of the Chinese Bank of Communications against its competitor, China Merchants Bank . The suggested case describing the plan to commit a crime of bank robbery is characterized by several elements that are commonly identified in crime attempts. Lithuania is a perfect country to open a new branch of the regional bank. It is a highly developed state with significant achievements in economics and international trade.

Data privacy and security guidelines resist financial fraud, blackmail, or identity theft. Rules regulating mobile banking application development and usage usually differ depending on the location. Privacy stands on top of the list of crucial factors for choosing financial services with rates up to 65%. By outsourcing app development you can get the best talent for mobile banking app development at affordable prices.

They are usually built using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and PhoneGap and then run inside a container, making it possible to be embedded in native apps. For example, Ally Bank was one of the first to introduce a virtual assistant. The Bank of Melbourne was the first to create a mobile banking app for Apple Watch.

If we’re talking about Android-based mobile banking development, then Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, and SDK are the tools of choice. For efficient mobile banking application development, most users (86%) are interested in two features – checking balances and exchanging funds between accounts. So the timeline will directly impact the overall app development cost.API integrationDuring banking app development, there are APIs like TrueLayer, Galileo, and Barclays APIs that require the paid version. Not much, but definitely, this can increase the overall app development cost. When it comes to iOS-based mobile banking software solutions, the best technology includes Swift, XCode, and iOS SDK. If we’re talking about Android-based mobile banking development, then Java, Kotlin, Android Studio and SDK are the tools of choice.

In accordance with this model, neobanks gain money from offering savings accounts and acquiring deposits with competitive rates, like Goldman’s Marcus and Beam. Leverages a credit-first model, starting off with a credit card or similar offering, and later providing a bank account. Brazil’s Nubank is a prime example of using the credit-led business model. According to Allied Market Research, the mobile banking market was valued at $715.3 million in 2018 and is expected to reach $1,824.7 million by 2026.


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